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A lot has happened since I was last here, hence the monster photo gallery.

All of the doors and windows are now in, and they look absolutely stunning.  The built-in shutters will keep the place really cool in the height of summer and hopefully the air conditioning won’t be needed that much.  The dark wood looks great against the white walls, and the clean polished lines are set off nicely by the rough stonework.

The tiling in the bathrooms is almost complete.  Each bathroom has a different colour in the tile detail to give each one its own feel and character.  The bathtubs and shower trays are in and we’re waiting for the plumber to come back and finish the taps and shower heads.

The lower ground floor apartment is nearly complete and ready to have the kitchen fitted.

It’s really starting to come together, and should be habitable within a few weeks.

Staircase, fireplace, master bathroom
Bedrooms again