Luxury holiday villa in Orvieto Italy near Rome

Villa Gelsomino was a typical Umbrian farmhouse with animal housing to the lower ground floor and half of the ground floor, with  accommodation for the farmer and his family in the upper floors.  The Villa was purchased in 2013 with a vision for refurbishing it to the highest standard to create a premium standard holiday property.

The style is authentically Italian with a cosmopolitan eye for detail and quality.  Many original features of the villa have been sympathetically revealed alongside fresh walls with clean lines.  Custom fitted kitchen units sit upon rustic ceramic tiles.

Locally sourced materials and craftsmanship have been used wherever possible, and energy efficient features have been included from the ground up – quite literally.  Under floor water heating and cooling is installed throughout, complimented by conventional air conditioning units to provide energy efficient climate control.  The original water well – a bore hole descending 62 metres into the Umbrian bedrock – provides fresh water for the property, and solar heating and electricity generation is planned for phase two of the development.

The photos below give an overview of the development.  The diary below will allow you to follow the progress of the conversion from animal barn and farm house to a luxury 21st century villa.

Latest entries in the Development Diary

Planting mature olive trees February 13, 2017 - A unique opportunity and a generous neighbor have enabled us to aquire some mature olive trees. The trees are being planted this week and will provide a welcome bonus to the landscape at the villa. The trees come frome a productive olive grove within the village. It is entirely fitting[...]
Planning vegetable beds for next season December 24, 2016 - We are planning to plant vegetable beds for next spring and summer. The beds will be constructed on the slope near to the house. We have taken delivery of 150 half railway sleepers.  The construction should be completed in the late winter.  We are looking forward to growing a small supply[...]
Swimming pool completed in early summer 2016 November 2, 2016 - The 20 metre infinity edge swimming pool has been finished and in use all summer